Rosie the Ruby Fairy is a fabulous story in the Sparkle Town Fairies series. Meet Rosie, Sparkle Town’s speediest fairy and head of the Post Office. Rosie looks after all of the town’s mail, including the very important letters to Santa. But this year, in her haste, Rosie accidentally sends the letters to the wrong place! With no alternative, Rosie must fly to the North Pole and deliver the letters herself. Will she make it in time to save the day? Beautiful illustrations and funny, rhyming text makes this story a delight to read with one child or with a group. There is also a cute necklace included on the cover – perfect for kids who love sparkles!

  • Children will love the adorable sparkly necklace that comes with this book!
  • Join Rosie the Ruby Fairy and her friends on this exciting adventure.
  • Delightful illustrations and wonderful, rhyming text combine to make this super storybook perfect for reading to kids!