Pippa the Pumpkin Fairy has a very special wand that can give pumpkin lanterns a ‘face with a boo’, but when Pippa’s magic pumpkins go wrong, she is much too afraid to tell all of her friends. Instead, Pippa tells a fib – that her wand is helping her to create the most spectacular pumpkin lanterns ever! This charmingly witty story, all about the importance of telling the truth, will delight young readers and parents alike. Tim Bugbird’s sweet story and Lara Ede’s adorable artwork combine to make a beautiful picture book that little ones will treasure!

  • Lara Ede’s delightful illustrations and Tim Bugbird’s rhyming text combine to make this a super story for reading to kids!
  • Another brilliant storybook from the wonderful creators of the popular Camilla the Cupcake Fairy series!