Pennie the Pinkest Polar Bear is the heart-warming story of Pennie, a polar bear who stammers when she talks and then blushes – so much that her fur is turning pink! Pennie struggles with being different until she meets the dancing pigs. Her new friends encourage her to embrace her color. When she performs a dance routine the pigs have taught her, she stammers much less and enjoys herself much more! A CHARMING STORY ABOUT PENNIE THE PINKEST POLAR BEAR, WHO LEARNS TO CELEBRATE WHAT MAKES HER UNIQUE. SPARKLY NECKLACE INCLUDED!

  • Children will love the adorable sparkly necklace that comes with this book!
  • Stuart Lynch’s beautiful illustrations bring this sweet story to life!
  • A cute story about celebrating what makes us special and knowing it’s what’s underneath that counts the most!
  • Charming, rhyming text and fun illustrations make this the perfect picture book for children and adults to share together.
  • Includes necklace.