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  • My First Christmas Prayers

    My First Christmas Prayers

    ISBN: 9781788432993
    This beautiful board book contains a collection of thoughtful prayers, written especially for Christmastime. With inspirational text that will encourage families discuss the reason for the season, as well as hand-stitched artwork, it’s sure to be a hit with adults and children alike.
  • 3 set BB Christmas

    Mini Board Book Stack: Christmas

    ISBN: 9781788432962
    These mini board books are great stocking fillers and ideal for getting little ones into the holiday spirit! Each book has five spreads with bright illustrations and Christmas-themed words for readers to learn.
  • Bright Ideas Journal

    Bright Ideas Light Up Journal

    ISBN: 9781788433426
    Express yourself with this fun and cheerful journal. The three hearts on the cover light up when pushed.
  • Taylor Tiptoe Cover

    Taylor Tiptoe

    ISBN: 9781788432801
    Taylor Tiptoe may only come up to ankle height, but she’s got a BIG dream: to dance the princess role in this year’s Summer Showcase! So, Taylor visits Queen Delphine, and makes a wish to be tall. She loves her new height, until, when practicing for the auditions, she suddenly has two left feet! What will Taylor do to land the princess role? And will she make it to the audition in time? Find out in this sweet tale about believing in yourself!
  • Nursery Rhymes Cover

    Slide and Find Nursery Rhymes

    ISBN: 9781788432740
    This unique novelty book is perfect for young children, filled with classic nursery rhymes and mechanisms that bring them to life. Children will love watching the scenes change as they interact with the sliders and wheel. Offers plenty for young children to enjoy, helping to promote an early love of reading!
  • See you Later Alligator

    See You Later, Alligator!

    ISBN: 9781788432771
    Alligator is hungry, so when the animals offer him treats, he gobbles them up as well! Children will love reading the funny rhyme and peeking into the alligator’s acetate tummy to see what he’s eaten on each page. The bright illustrations will engage children as they read.
  • There was an Old Lady
    Introducing a hilarious twist on the well-known tale of the old lady who swallowed a fly . . . and a poodle too! Children will love reading the rhyme and peeking into the lady’s tummy to see what she’s eaten. These funny illustrations are sure to engage children as they read.
  • Never Feed a Yeti

    Never Feed A Yeti Spaghetti

    ISBN: 9781788432719
    You should never feed a yeti spaghetti, offer a llama a banana, or give a cheetah a fajita! Find out why in this hilarious rhyming book. Each animal has a giant open mouth and felt teeth, so children can reach through the holes to mimic feeding them! This tactile book offers plenty for young children to enjoy, helping to promote an early love of reading!
  • Nativity Playhouse Box

    The Story of Christmas Playhouse

    ISBN: 9781788433006
    Introducing Playhouse: The Story of Christmas, a well-known tale in an innovative, fold-out format! The sturdy board book folds out to create four amazing scenes from the nativity. Children will love lifting the flaps peeking through the die-cut windows to explore the scenes. The boxset also includes four toy characters that can be used to act out the story in the fold-out scenes!
  • The Stinky Sprouts

    The Stinky Sprouts

    ISBN: 9781786922458
    Nobody likes the Sprout family, who are nicknamed “the Stinky Sprouts”. They’re not like the cool carrot club, the funny turnips or the handsome leeks. They are stinky and green and left out of everything! So, one Christmas, the Sprouts hatch a plan to become the most popular vegetables around. They pretend to be a new kind of vegetable by dipping themselves in cranberry sauce as a disguise. Soon, everyone is talking about the great new vegetables that have moved into the kitchen. They are loved by all! Their plot comes undone, however, when the cranberry sauce melts and drips off. The other vegetables discover that it was the Stinky Sprouts all along. But, they also realise that they really enjoyed the company of the disguised Sprouts and were too harsh on them before. The Sprouts are finally accepted for who they are and they all live happily ever after!
  • Little Reindeer’s Christmas Wish

    ISBN: 9781788431903
    Discover a magical Christmas tale about a little reindeer, whose biggest wish is to fly with Santa’s sleigh team, the Festive Fleet, on Christmas Eve. Little Reindeer’s antlers never grow, and he worries that Santa won’t choose him for the team. One Christmas Eve, a friendly elf helps him to make a special pair of antlers out of things they can find in Christmas Town. When none of their ideas seem to work, and Santa is faced with a Christmas gift dilemma, Little Reindeer must prove his bravery in order to fly with Santa and the team. A heartwarming, rhyming story, perfect for reading together at Christmas.
  • Ho, Ho, Ho!

    Ho, Ho, Ho!

    ISBN: 9781788432955
    Who’s that coming down the chimney? Find out in this festive story, perfect for sharing with little ones at Christmas! The bold colours and shaped, foam pages appeal to little hands and make for great reading between parents and children.
  • Follow the Star Board Book

    Follow The Star

    ISBN: 9781788432986
    Follow the Star in this sweet board book, complete with a die-cut window all the way through, surrounded by foil and glitter. Join Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem and find out who else followed the star to reach baby Jesus.
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    Mini Trio Nativity

    Mini Board Book Stack: Nativity

    ISBN: 9781788432979
    These mini board books are great stocking fillers and ideal for getting little ones into the holiday spirit! Each book has five spreads with bright illustrations and Christmas-themed words for readers to learn.
  • Santa's Little Helpers

    Santa’s Little Helpers

    ISBN: 9781786925053
    Introducing Santa’s Little Helpers, an adorable tabbed board book featuring five sweet Christmas characters. Children will love reading the short rhyming story about the characters who help Santa decorate his tree. With sturdy tabs and beautiful illustrations from Dawn Machell, this book is perfect for the festive season.
  • Christmas Peekaboo

    Christmas Peek-A-Boo!

    ISBN: 9781786925060
    Introducing Christmas Peekaboo, a fun, interactive book with a mirror inset within a flap in the front cover. A charming rhyme encourages young children to copy the actions of the Christmas characters while enjoying watching themselves in the mirror. Beautiful illustrations by Dawn Machell will engage young children, making this book perfect to enjoy together at Christmas.
  • Have Yourself a Hairy Little Christmas
    Santa wants a new hairstyle for Christmas, so Elf offers to help! This unique touch-and-feel book is perfect for young children, with a funny rhyme that follows Elf as he gives Santa a glitter beard, a beard sculpture and more! Children will love interacting with the different beard touches on every spread.
  • Reindeer of the Year

    Reindeer of the Year

    ISBN: 9781788433013
    Join Santa and his sleigh squad in this hilarious new title, as they prance and preen to find out who wins Reindeer of the Year. With innovative two-way sequin patches on every spread, young readers will love getting involved in the sparkly showdown.
  • Reindeers Nosy Christmas

    Reindeer’s Nosy Christmas

    ISBN: 9781788432931
    A festive board book with a tactile, liquid-filled bubble on the cover. This unique touch-and-feel book has a sweet rhyme about a reindeer who uses his nose to find the way to Santa. Children will love interacting with the liquid-filled bubble on the cover and watching the shapes move inside, as well as exploring the fun touches on every page. A tactile book, perfect for adults and children to share over the festive period.
  • Trick or Treat!

    ISBN: 9781785985737
    On Halloween, Meg takes her little brother, Michael, on a trick-or-treating adventure. As they make their way down the street, Meg uses her light to show Michael things aren’t as scary as they seem – until she reaches one special house with a very spooky surprise! This funny, Halloween-themed board book is perfect for reading to children during the spooky season. Shine the torch included in this book to light up the pages and reveal amazing, hidden artwork! AN ADORABLE STORYBOOK WITH INCREDIBLE, LIGHT-UP PAGES AND A TORCH