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  • Nativity Playhouse Box

    The Story of Christmas Playhouse

    ISBN: 9781788433006
    Introducing Playhouse: The Story of Christmas, a well-known tale in an innovative, fold-out format! The sturdy board book folds out to create four amazing scenes from the nativity. Children will love lifting the flaps peeking through the die-cut windows to explore the scenes. The boxset also includes four toy characters that can be used to act out the story in the fold-out scenes!
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Busy Bees: U is for Unicorn

    ISBN: 9781788436823
    Explore flaps and touches throughout this exciting ABC book. From magical unicorns to zooming rockets, it’s an alphabet like no other!
  • I Can Count to 10 Dino Blue cover for web

    I Can Count to 10

    ISBN: 9781788436960
    A tactile new novelty book with ten fuzzy pom-poms cut all the way through the book from the back to the front cover. Inside, you will find various scenes with the pom-poms decorated as fun things to count, from bears to dinosaurs and more.
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    Meet the Groovicorns Box

    Playhouse: Meet the Groovicorns!

    ISBN: 9781788436977
    The sturdy board book folds out to create four amazing scenes from the groovicorn world. Children will love lifting the flaps to explore the colourful scenes and peeking through the die-cut windows in the walls. The rhyming text encourages children to find different objects within each scene, and Stuart Lynch’s charming illustrations bring the unique book to life.
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    Scratch and Sparkle Llama
    Calling all llama-lovers! This fabulous new title is packed with everything you need to create amazing llama art. Read through the simple how-to introduction and then use the stencils and picture ideas to bring your llama scenes to life. With a wooden scratcher, three pages of llama-themed stencils and 15 scratch-off sheets, you have everything you need to create sparkling rainbow art!
  • This Book's Got Gas

    This Book’s Got Gas

    ISBN: 9781788437226
    This hilarious joke book comes with its own removable, electronic fart-noise maker. Children will love making the different noises in response to the jokes or as fun pranks to fool their friends and family.
  • Beat the Book - spread 1 Beat the Book cover

    Beat the Book

    ISBN: 9781785981210
    Introducing an innovative new book packed with fun, weird, crazy and perplexing activities!The book is filled with interactive activities and challenges. Transform the page into a mini soccer pitch and score three goals, or lay the book on the floor and drop pens until you've scored a bull's-eye! Some challenges are a cinch while others require practice and skill - but all are guaranteed to make you want to beat the book! Kids will love using the awesome silicone cover and movable silicone pieces to complete challenges or get creative with their own ideas! Do you think you can Beat This Book?
  • Make This Book

    ISBN: 9781783934584
    Make This Book lets children transform each page to make it truly their own! Each spread contains fun doodling, drawing and writing tasks to celebrate each child’s unique style and harness their creativity. Kids can also use the extra letters in the pouch to transform the cover by giving it a new title or using it as a play board to create word lists and games.
  • My Awesome Alphabet

    ISBN: 9781785985171
    My Awesome Alphabet Book is a fantastic new way to introduce children to the letters of the alphabet. Each page is filled with brilliant alphabetical words and pictures. Clear word labels accompany Dawn Machell’s cute illustrations, making this book perfect for adults and children to enjoy together. Each letter is also presented with a die-cut page in the shape of the letter, so children can explore the alphabet with their hands!
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Treasuries Five-Minute Fairy Tales

    ISBN: 9781782358732
    An adorable collection of well-known fairy tales to read with children. Five-minute Fairy Tales is easy for parents to share with a child and the padded cover makes the book easy for little ones to handle. Children will love listening to the entertaining, rhyming text and enjoy the lively pictures. This book is packed with stories that children will ador­­­­e!
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Amazing Alphabet

    ISBN: 9781783932337
    The Amazing Alphabet is a stunning book, bursting with graphic illustrations that children will love! Typography and illustrations are integrated to give the book a unique appeal. Some spreads feature a raised, graphic illustration that fits directly into a recess of the same shape on the opposite page. This tactile book provides plenty for children to look at and feel, helping in their early learning!
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

    ISBN: 9781785989964
    Introducing Pillow Pals, a sweet board book with a plush toy that fits into the cover. Children will love the sweet rhyme, and they can bring the story to life with the plush toy that features in the story! Dawn Machell’s adorable illustrations will engage and entertain children as they read. The sturdy board format is easy for little hands to hold, making this book perfect for bedtime reading!
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Jigsaw Puzzle and Book: Find It!

    ISBN: 9781785986352
    Find It! is part of a series of three beautiful slipcases that each contain a book and matching jigsaw puzzle. This fun boxset is perfect for parents and children to enjoy together!
  • Hey Diddle Diddle is nursery-rhyme themed, with gorgeous material collage artwork.
  • When Oola’s mother tells her that she has lost her voice, she is very upset! Misunderstanding her mother, little Oola thinks she must have left her voice in the forest. Unable to sleep, Oola goes in search of her voice and meets lots of forest friends along the way – but will she rediscover her hoot? Claire Fennell’s unique, collage illustrations bring this story to life, mixing quirky patterns with characters that children will love. With a cute and cuddly plush toy for children to cherish!
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    123 Spread My Learning Library box

    My Learning Library

    ISBN: 9781786922816
    My Learning Library is a delightful collection of eight first-concept board books for young children. Stored within a sturdy carry case, these mini books are perfect for small hands to hold and explore. The gorgeous illustrations and bright design will engage young imaginations, while helping to promote observation skills, language skills, and a love of reading.
  • What’s Under the Bed, Ted?

    ISBN: 9781786929297
    What’s Under the Bed, Ted? is a sweet, rhyming bedtime story with invisible ink surprises. Use your silicone torch to reveal hidden artwork and see what’s hiding under Ted’s bed on every page! This delightful story will help reassure children that the dark isn’t as scary as it seems.
  • Pick This Up Journal

    ISBN: 9781788433143
    Pick This Up! is full of fun challenges and creative ideas for filling the pages. The silicone cover comes with colourful strips that can be woven around the dots to make all sort of shapes and patterns. A fun book of challenges with an innovative silicone cover and colourful strips.
  • Write Here Right Now Journal

    ISBN: 9781788433150
    Express yourself with this cool, retro-style cover. You can arrange the letters on the letter-board to say whatever you like. Then, when your mood changes, you can rearrange the letters to say something else. Have fun filling in the journal inside with more of your own thoughts and opinions.
  • Trick or Treat!

    ISBN: 9781785985737
    On Halloween, Meg takes her little brother, Michael, on a trick-or-treating adventure. As they make their way down the street, Meg uses her light to show Michael things aren’t as scary as they seem – until she reaches one special house with a very spooky surprise! This funny, Halloween-themed board book is perfect for reading to children during the spooky season. Shine the torch included in this book to light up the pages and reveal amazing, hidden artwork! AN ADORABLE STORYBOOK WITH INCREDIBLE, LIGHT-UP PAGES AND A TORCH