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  • Balloon Stickers Dinosaur

    Balloon Stickers: Dinosaur Island

    ISBN: 9781788437103
    Take a trek through dinosaur island in this roar-some activity book! From scenes to search to mazes, puzzles and more, there are hours of fun to be had. At the back of the book are cool card press-outs to make an With your very own balloon stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!
  • Sophia Sparks

    ISBN: 9781788437080
    Sophia wears her bow whenever she needs to come up with a new, dazzling invention. But one day, she can’t find it! Join Sophia as she learns – through the power of mashed potato and friends – that she didn’t need a bow on her head to think of brilliant things, after all. Fun, rhyming text and Lara Ede’s sweet illustrations combine to bring Sophia’s world of incredible inventions to life! From glitter rockets to dancing robots, there’s something in this story that will spark the imagination of every little reader who hears it.
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    Just Narwhal

    Just Narwhal

    ISBN: 9781788436304
    Narwhal doesn’t think she has any skills – especially when she compares herself to the mermaids. She’s just Narwhal! So when the mermaids need someone to judge their painting contest, Narwhal doesn’t think she can do it. But the other creatures don’t judge it fairly, and Narwhal soon learns that her talents lie in being honest, fair minded and just. Sweet, rhyming text and Lara Ede’s beautiful illustrations combine to make a delightful picture book that will be enjoyed by adults and children alike.
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    I Love You Just the Way You Are

    I Love You Just the Way You Are

    ISBN: 9781788436038
    Introducing a heart-warming book, all about the unconditional love between family members. The sweet, rhyming text and colourful illustrations will encourage children to engage with each page.
  • Trace and Lift ABC

    Trace and Lift: ABC

    ISBN: 9781788436045
    Trace and Lift ABC is an interactive introduction to the alphabet. Each page covers two letters, with finger-traces, simple labels and a flap to lift. Each title features sweet illustrations from Dawn Machell. With a wide range of formats and content covering first concepts and more, there is something for everyone.
  • Trace and Lift 123

    Trace and Lift: 123

    ISBN: 9781788436052
    Trace and Lift 123 is an interactive introduction to numbers 1-10. Each page covers a single number, with finger-traces, a flap to lift and a learning activity. Each title features sweet illustrations from Dawn Machell. With a wide range of formats and content covering first concepts and more, there is something for everyone.
  • My Awesome Animals

    My Awesome Animal Book

    ISBN: 9781788435642
    Each spread features a different set beautifully illustrated of animals with informative labels, fun facts and simple questions to keep little ones entertained. Shaped pages layer up throughout the book to create an interesting feature on the right-hand side. Little ones will love to explore this awesome animal kingdom!
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    Meet the Groovicorns Box

    Playhouse: Meet the Groovicorns!

    ISBN: 9781788436977
    The sturdy board book folds out to create four amazing scenes from the groovicorn world. Children will love lifting the flaps to explore the colourful scenes and peeking through the die-cut windows in the walls. The rhyming text encourages children to find different objects within each scene, and Stuart Lynch’s charming illustrations bring the unique book to life.
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    My First Bible Stories

    ISBN: 9781788437073
    This beautiful board book contains a collection of well-known Bible stories. Each story is retold in simple, rhyming text, and accompanied by Dawn Machell’s stunning hand-stitched illustrations. This sweet collection is the perfect way to introduce young children to God’s word.
  • Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter Egg Hunt

    ISBN: 9781788437066
    Join Bunny and friends on their annual Easter egg hunt! The simple, rhyming text encourages young readers to find the Easter eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny throughout the scenes. Tabbed pages make it easy for children to see which eggs they need to find and Dawn Machell’s sweet, pastel illustrations will engage them as they read!
  • Easter-Parade-Peekaboo

    Easter Parade Peekaboo!

    ISBN: 9781788437592
    The charming rhyming text invites readers to copy the actions of the adorable animals. A mirror embedded in a gatefold on the cover lets children watch themselves as they do so!
  • Touch-and-Feel-Baby-Animal

    Baby Animals

    ISBN: 9781788437059
    Filled with adorable baby animals, shaped pages and sweet rhymes, this touch and feel Baby Animals book is sure to keep children entertained! Shaped pages layer up throughout the book to create an interesting feature on the right-hand side. Little ones will love to explore these shapes and the touches on every spread.
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    Nosy Bear Cover

    Nosy Bear

    ISBN: 9781786929327
    Nosy Bear is a curious creature and sticks his nose into everything. Follow his funny tale in this adorable book, showcasing an exciting new novelty element with real shelf presence.
  • Felties I Love you little one

    Felties: I Love You, Little One

    ISBN: 9781788436021
    This sweet book alternates patterned felt and board pages to create a unique, interactive experience for little readers. Children will love peeking through the gaps in the felt pages as they read this adorable story about unconditional familial love.
  • Mrs-Bee's-ABC

    Mrs Bee’s ABC

    ISBN: 9781788437028
    Learn how to write the letters of the alphabet with Mrs. Bee, as she buzzes around the garden! Follow the finger-trail paths and recite the rhymes as you visit flowers, trees and the hive. With flaps on every page and sweet illustrations, Mrs. Bee’s Follow-Me ABCs is sure to be a family favourite!
  • Never Feed a Shark

    Never Feed a Shark

    ISBN: 9781788436847
    Introducing an amazing, interactive book, filled with fun wild animal characters. Children will love reading the rhyme as the ranger explains why you shouldn’t feed the animals . . . and then ignoring his advice! Each animal has a giant open mouth and felt teeth, so children can reach through the holes to mimic feeding them! With bright illustrations and a funny rhyme, this tactile book offers plenty for young children to enjoy, helping to promote an early love of reading.
  • Oh no Narwhal

    Oh No, Narwhal!

    ISBN: 9781788436946
    Whenever Narwhal tries to play, his tusk gets in the way and his friends shout, “Oh no, Narwhal!” Children will love reading the funny rhyme in this book, with a stunning holo-vinyl cover and a cute narwhal patch. Perfect for lovers of the narwhal trend!
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    Always Hug a Unicorn

    Always Hug a Unicorn

    ISBN: 9781788436984
    Introducing a new unicorn-themed touch and feel book. Children will love reading the funny rhyme that explains why you should always hug a unicorn! Each beautifully illustrated page features a fun rainbow touch for young readers to explore. Perfect for all unicorn lovers!
  • How-to-Charm-a-Llama

    How to Charm a Llama

    ISBN: 9781788436014
    If you want to charm a llama, you need this book! This llama-themed touch-and-feel book is perfect for young children, with a funny rhyme that explains how to correctly charm a llama! Children will love watching the colour change as they interact with the two-way sequins on every spread.
  • I-can-count-to-100

    I Can Count to 100

    ISBN: 9781788437004
    Can you count to 100? Find out with this exciting new book, packed to the brim with things to find and count. From cakes to cats and birds to dinosaurs, counting has never been so fun!