If your little one is just starting or finishing their year in kindergarten, then this is the perfect book for you! Each page includes simple activities that encourage your child to create an artistic, timeless record of their first year at school. From drawings to writing, fill-in activities and more, you will love the unique, treasured keepsake that your child creates. With stickers and card press-outs! A FILL-IN ACTIVITY BOOK THAT RECORDS A CHILD’S FIRST YEAR IN KINDERGARTEN, WITH STICKERS AND CARD PRESS-OUTS!

  • Children will create a unique record of their first year in kindergarten by completing the activities in this book.
  • Each activity is perfectly designed for interaction with a child who is just starting/has just completed their first year at school.
  • Simple text and bold colours encourage children to take ownership of their work and interact with the fun activities inside.
  • The unique plastic cover makes this eye-catching title the perfect keepsake to treasure.