Mermaid Mia writes the front-page news for the school newspaper – The Mermail. But one day, Mia can’t find any news to report! So, she makes up some news that Queen Marina will be visiting the Starfish Academy. To Mia’s horror, the royal rumor spreads, and it isn’t long until Mia is regretting the lie. Eventually she confesses to her friends in tears. They tell her she shouldn’t have lied, but they agree help her out. Together, they write to the queen and confess – but will she agree to visit the school? Children will love reading this beautifully illustrated story about telling the truth, and touching the color-changing sequins on the cover. A SWEET SSTORY ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF TELLING THE TRUTH, WITH COLOR-CHANGING SEQUINS ON THE COVER!

  • A beautiful, modern storybook with illustration by Lara Ede.
  • The sweet, rhyming story is perfect to read together.
  • Children can interact with the amazing color-changing sequins on the cover.