With a unique silicone cover, featuring over sixty-two removable letter buttons, and seventy pages of creative, challenging, and thought-provoking prompts, Make this book! is the latest in our series of innovative tween titles. Each spread contains fun and thought-provoking doodling, drawing, and writing tasks to celebrate each kid’s unique style and harness their creativity. Activities include designing jewellery and logos, paper-cutting, drawing flowers, and writing about favorite things. Fresh and innovative designs will inspire kids to experiment with patterns and shapes and truly make this book their own. Kids can use the extra letters in the pouch to transform the cover, either giving it a new title, or using it as a playboard to create word lists and games.

  • Unique silicone cover with 62 removable letter buttons.
  • 70 pages of creative, thought- provoking, and challenging doodling and writing activities.