Based on the well-known rhyme, Itsy Bitsy Spider tells the charming story of a spider who has spun his web high up on a house, so that he can watch the world go by. Dropping down to the floor is easy for Itsy, but climbing back up again is a real chore. Every time he starts to climb up the spout, the rain washes him out. Itsy tries everything from swimming goggles, to an umbrella, to a trampoline, but none of them help! Follow Itsy on his journey to climb up the spout through beautiful, hand-stitched illustrations that are full of gentle humour. Charming, rhyming text complements the artwork and makes the story ideal for adults and young children to read together.

  • Beautiful, hand-stitched illustrations.
  • Charming, rhyming text encourages young readers to participate.
  • Perfect for adults and young children to read together.