Scratch and Reveal Instant Einstein is a fantastic new series of fun titles with scratch-off areas revealing hilarious, gross, and fascinating facts to wow your friends! Each title includes facts to make you look brilliant in any situation: whether it’s dining out in Epic and Awesome (Do you know the world hot dog eating record?); driving to school in Fast and Furious (How long does it take a 250mph Bugatti to come to a dead stop?) or going to the bathroom in Gross and Gloopy (Do you know how many years you will spend on the toilet in your lifetime?). Instant Einstein has the answer! Each Scratch and Reveal Instant Einstein title combines scratch-off areas revealing fantastic facts and witty illustrations to make you the smartest kid around!

  • Scratch-off areas to reveal exciting, bizarre, and fascinating facts!
  • Witty illustrations and punchy text will have kids engrossed.
  • Includes cool mini scraper!