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We publish a range of innovative products for children and babies. Beautifully designed and featuring a range of stimulating novelties, our books encourage creativity and promote learning. We want your child to love books as much as we do!

  • Sophia Sparks

    ISBN: 9781788437813
    An inspirational picture book including a real bow accessory! Sophia wears her bow whenever she needs to come up with a new, dazzling invention. But one day, she can’t find it! Join Sophia as she learns – through the power of mashed potato and friends – that she didn’t need a bow on her head to think of brilliant things, after all. Fun, rhyming text and Lara Ede’s sweet illustrations combine to bring Sophia’s world of incredible inventions to life! From glitter rockets to dancing robots, there’s something in this story that will spark the imagination of every little reader who hears it.
  • Spin and Play

    Spin and Play Counting Games

    ISBN: 9781786926166
    This innovative new games book allows you to share and play games wherever you go! Choose a game and then lay the book flat. Take counters from the front pocket and then spin the dice to play away! Includes five fun games, perfect for entertaining young children for hours!
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    ABC Feel and Fit

    Feel and Fit: ABC

    ISBN: 9781788437035
    A fresh new alphabet title featuring raised and recessed board pieces on opposing pages, so they fit seamlessly into each other when the book is closed. Children and parents will love the kinesthetic, hands-on learning style this book encourages!
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Unicorn Art

    ISBN: 9781788437172
    Get creative with this unicorn-themed art book! Use the colouring stack to add magical details to each page. Follow the designs or do your own thing to make a unique unicorn masterpiece.
  • Top-Secret-Prank-Hacks

    Top Secret: Prank Hacks

    ISBN: 9781788437233
    Prank Hacks is a fun new edition to the top-secret range. It includes a huge range of prank ideas, all presented in a quick, easy-to-read format. It includes pranks without props, pranks with props you can make yourself and pranks with the props that are included. There are also four mini joke books to tear out and take with you on the go. At the back, there’s a prank log section for recording all your pranks and rating their success.
  • This Book's Got Gas

    This Book’s Got Gas

    ISBN: 9781788437226
    This hilarious joke book comes with its own removable, electronic fart-noise maker. Children will love making the different noises in response to the jokes or as fun pranks to fool their friends and family.
  • Pocket-Prank-Pro

    Pocket Prank Pro

    ISBN: 9781788437219
    In this pocket manual, you’ll learn all you need to know to successfully prank your friends and family in all sorts of hilarious ways. You’ll also find more than 100 side-splitting jokes. Also included are a planner pad and a pad of “you’ve-been-pranked” notes to leave for your victims. This pocket-sized manual is perfect for taking on the go.
  • Dreams and Wishes
    Dreams and Wishes is a new journal with a sweet under-the-sea theme. On the cover, colourful narwhals and fish swim in a glittery ocean. Inside there’re 80 pages in which to explore your dreams and wishes. The pages are lined and feature sea-themed and dream-themed inspirational quotes.
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Glow For It!

    ISBN: 9781788436281
    Glow for It! features a brilliant vinyl cover that appears to glow like a neon light wherever it’s been cut. This eye-catching and super-cheerful journal includes lined pages for easy writing. Colourful phrases provide inspiration on every spread.
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    My Mega Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781788437585
    Puzzle over pirates, doodle on the dinos, find the farm animals and express yourself with emotis in this MEGA book! With more than 500 stickers to use in the book or wherever you want, as well as card press outs to create, there are hours of fun to be had!
  • My Easter Activity

    My Easter Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781788437608
    Get creative this Easter, with this amazing activity book! Simple activities are paired with sweet craft ideas, perfect for keeping children entertained over the holiday. From masks to bunny ears, egg baskets, cards and more, this egg-cellent book has everything you need to craft the perfect Easter props!
  • Noah's Ark Puffy

    Noah’s Ark & Other Bible Stories

    ISBN: 9781788437141
    This delightful activity book introduces young children to bible stories in a way that’s fun and interactive. The activities are paired with simple narrative text, allowing children to explore each story in a unique and engaging way. With over 100 sweet puffy stickers to use in the book or wherever you want, as well as card press-outs to create!
  • SPLATivity

    ISBN: 9781788437110
    Get set for a SPLAT-fest of puzzles, mazes, codebreaking challenges and more in this prank-tastic book! Work your way through the amazing activities on every page and create cool things from the card press-outs at the back of the book. Then, take the sticky, stretchy splat and see if you can use it to pull pranks of your own!
  • Happy Birthday WLFM

    Happy Birthday With Love From Me

    ISBN: 9781788437189
    Get your birthday gifts looking gorgeous with this sweet book. Full of adorable designs and pretty patterns, the pages include everything from cards to tags, notes, stickers and gift boxes – everything you need to give your gift that special touch. The beautiful selection of materials will ensure children can create stunning gifts every time.
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Sticker, Colour, Create: Pink

    ISBN: 9781788437127
    Sticker, colour and get creative with this activity book. Packed with magical mermaid and unique unicorns, the pages include puzzles, colouring spreads, mazes and more! With card press-outs to make and create and over 500 stickers to use wherever you want, there are hours of fun to be had!
  • Sticker, Colour, Create: Blue

    ISBN: 9781788437134
    Sticker, colour and get creative with this activity book. Packed with farmyard friends and mighty machines, the pages include puzzles, colouring spreads, mazes and more! With card press-outs to make and create and over 500 stickers to use wherever you want, there are hours of fun to be had!
  • 250 Animal-Antics

    Animal Antics

    ISBN: 9781788433471
    This laugh-out-loud activity book is packed with pets getting up to mischief! From beach days to mega milkshakes, cat burglars and more, there’s something for everyone in this whacky book. With over 250 stickers and card press-outs to make and create, there are hours of side-splitting fun to be had!
  • Dinosaurs Scratch and Sparkle
    This roar-some book is packed with dinosaur-themed activities. Puzzle with prehistoric pals, doodle brand-new dinos and weave your way across triceratops trails! At the back of the book you will find scratch and reveal card pages. Use the wooden scratcher to create sparkling or rainbow dinosaur art, and then press-out the shapes to make cool dinosaur masks, props and more!
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    Scratch and Sparkle Llama
    Calling all llama-lovers! This fabulous new title is packed with everything you need to create amazing llama art. Read through the simple how-to introduction and then use the stencils and picture ideas to bring your llama scenes to life. With a wooden scratcher, three pages of llama-themed stencils and 15 scratch-off sheets, you have everything you need to create sparkling rainbow art!
  • Balloon-Stickers-Unicorns

    Balloon Stickers: Unicorns

    ISBN: 9781788437097
    The unicorns are the best friends in town – and they want to play with you! From scenes to search, to mazes, puzzles and more, there are hours of fun to be had. At the back of the book are cute card press-outs to make and create. With your very own balloon stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!