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  • First Spread of Super-Cute Coloring (9781789474466) Cover of Super-Cute Coloring (9781789474466)

    Super-Cute Coloring

    ISBN: 9781789474466
    US $8.99

    This adorable colouring set comes with five coloring pencils, topped with supercute erasers! The coloring book is packed with sweet designs and pretty patterns to get you started, making sure that each page is a chance to create your very own colorful masterpiece. AN ADORABLE COLORING SET WITH PENCILS AND SUPERCUTE ERASERS

    • This coloring set comes with five coloring pencils, topped with supercute erasers!
    • Includes a 64-page coloring book, packed with sweet scenes and designs for children to complete.
  • First Spread of Super Cute Activity Book (9781789473940) Cover of Super Cute Activity Book (9781789473940)

    Super Cute Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781789473940
    US $9.99

    Come and meet the adorable characters and sweet friends in this super-cute activity book. From honeycomb mazes and pretty puzzles, to sweet scenes to search and pictures to color, there's something for everyone. At the back of the book there are cute card press-outs to make and create. With your very own 3-D felt stickers to use in the book or wherever you want! A SUPER-CUTE ACTIVITY BOOK WITH 3-D FELT STICKERS AND CARD PRESS-OUTS!

    • This super-cute activity book is filled with adorable characters and sweet activities.
    • Each page is packed with puzzles, mazes, or pictures to color.
    • With 20 pp card press-outs and 3-D felt stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!
  • First Spread of I Love Hearts Sticker Activity Book (9781789474190) Cover of I Love Hearts Sticker Activity Book (9781789474190)

    I Love Hearts Sticker Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781789474190
    US $6.99

    I Love Hearts is a fabulous sticker activity book, packed with cute activities to complete and color. With adorable photographs and illustrations of tasty treats, fashionable clothes and much more, children will feel totally inspired. The book also comes with lots of stickers to use with the activities or wherever you want!

    • Lots of colorful stickers to use in the book or anywhere you want!
    • Cute illustrations and bright photography will engage young children.
    • 48 pp paperback including card press-outs and stickers
  • First Spread of The Magic Purse (9781789470086) Cover of The Magic Purse (9781789470086)

    The Magic Purse

    ISBN: 9781789470086
    US $9.99

    Open the pages and enter a magical world where fountains of candy, mountains of cuddly toys and more, cascade from the magic purse! A simple rhyme and touches to explore on each page will enchant little ones at story time. A MAGICAL BOARD BOOK, WITH TOUCHES TO EXPLORE ON EVERY SPREAD

    • Little hands will love turning the sturdy pages and exploring the rainbow fur touch on the cover.
    • A beautiful board book with sweet illustrations by Lara Ede.
    • The rhyming text is perfect to read together.
  • First Spread of Scratch and Sparkle Llamas Stencil Art (9781788436762) Cover of Scratch and Sparkle Llamas Stencil Art (9781788436762)

    Scratch and Sparkle Llamas Stencil Art

    ISBN: 9781788436762
    US $12.99

    Calling all llama-lovers! This fabulous new title is packed with everything you need to create amazing llama art. Read through the simple how-to introduction and then use the stencils and picture ideas to bring your llama scenes to life. With a wooden scratcher, three pages of llama-themed stencils, and 15 scratch-off sheets, you have everything you need to create sparkling rainbow art! A LLAMA-PACKED ADDITION TO MBI’S POPULAR SCRATCH AND SPARKLE SERIES, INCLUDING WOODEN SCRATCHER, STENCILS, AND SCRATCH-OFF CARD!

    • Scratch the black pages to reveal sparkles and rainbow colors.
    • This book includes three sheets of llama-themed stencils to create impressive works of sparkling art.
    • With a wooden scratcher and scratch-off card pages included, this book has everything you need to create sparkling llama art.
    • The pages include sweet scene ideas and inspirational prompts to get children started.
  • First Spread of Little Reindeer's Christmas Wish (9781786924469) Cover of Little Reindeer's Christmas Wish (9781786924469)

    Little Reindeer’s Christmas Wish

    ISBN: 9781786924469
    US $6.99

    Discover a magical Christmas tale about a little reindeer whose biggest wish is to fly with Santa’s sleigh team, the Festive Fleet, on Christmas Eve. Little Reindeer’s antlers never grow, and he worries that Santa won’t choose him for the team. One Christmas Eve, a friendly elf helps him to make a special pair of antlers out of things they can find in Christmas Town. When none of their ideas work, and Santa is faced with a Christmas gift dilemma, Little Reindeer must prove his bravery in order to fly with Santa and the team. A heart-warming rhyming story, perfect for reading together at Christmas. ADORABLE PICTURE BOOK TO SHARE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!

    • A beautiful, modern storybook with illustrations by successful illustrator Clare Fennell.
    • A heart-warming Christmas tale for all the family.
    • Sweet illustrations and rhyming text make this the perfect story to read together at Christmastime
  • First Spread of Christmas Surprise! (9781786923455) Cover of Christmas Surprise! (9781786923455)

    Christmas Surprise!

    ISBN: 9781786923455
    US $7.99

    Unwrap this gorgeous board book to discover what’s inside. Christmas Surprises! is a fantastic gift-shaped book with fun flaps to lift on every spread. Each spread contains cute, rhyming text to provide children with a clue about the present inside the wrapping. The book also contains beautiful, bright photography to entertain and engage young readers. A FUN, NEW GIFT-THEMED BOOK WITH FLAPS TO LIFT ON EVERY SPREAD!

    • This fantastic gift-shaped board book has fun flaps to lift on every spread.
    • The sweet, rhyming text provides children with clues about the present waiting inside the wrapping.
    • Beautiful, bright photography of a variety of gifts will entertain and engage young readers.
  • Pets

    ISBN: 9781785981319
    US $6.99

    This title is part of a series of four adorable Touch and Sparkle board books for very young children. Each book has sweet, rhyming text for young children to enjoy, and the fun touches on every page allow children to interact with the bright animal photography! These tactile books offer plenty for young children to look at and explore, helping in their early learning!

    • Fun touches are perfect for little hands to explore.
    • Simple, rhyming text will engage young readers.
    • Bright, photographic animal images will keep children entertained.
    • Sturdy board pages are easy for little hands to hold.
  • First Spread of Reindeer's Snowy Adventure (9781785984372) Cover of Reindeer's Snowy Adventure (9781785984372)

    Reindeer’s Snowy Adventure

    ISBN: 9781785984372
    US $6.99

    Reindeer’s Snowy Adventure is a charming padded board book, packed with fun, touch-and-feel areas and bright illustrations to delight little readers! A padded board cover is easy for small hands to hold and the carry-me handle means children can carry the book with them wherever they go!

    • Touch-and-feel areas are fun for little hands to explore!
    • Simple rhyming text is entertaining to read together.
    • Charming illustrations will delight children and parents alike!
  • First Spread of Scratch and Sparkle Spiro Art (9781783937042) Cover of Scratch and Sparkle Spiro Art (9781783937042)

    Scratch and Sparkle Spiro Art

    ISBN: 9781783937042
    US $12.99

    Part of a stunning series of scratch-off art titles! Use the mini spiro-wheel to create jaw-dropping art, or the special stencils to create magical scenes of butterflies, flowers, hearts, and more. Be amazed as your artwork comes to life with sparkles and rainbow colors! Then keep your artwork safe  in the handy folder. A must-have for creative kids who love sparkle!

    • Create beautiful Scratch Art with spiro-wheels and custom stencils
    • Scratch the individual sheets to reveal sparkles and rainbow colors
    • Handy folder format keeps your artwork safe

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