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  • First Spread of Scratch and Sparkle Space Activity Book (9781789477979) Cover of Scratch and Sparkle Space Activity Book (9781789477979)

    Scratch and Sparkle Space Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781789477979
    US $6.99

    Blast-off and soar through space in this cosmic activity book! Whizz through meteor showers, color the aliens, and puzzle over rocket codes as you complete each page. Then turn to the card pages to scratch off and design cool models, masks, and much more! A SPACE-THEMED SCRATCH AND SPARKLE ACTIVITY BOOK, WITH A WOODEN SCRATCHER TOOL AND SCRATCH-AND-REVEAL CARD PAGES!

    • A fun scratch and sparkle space activity book with a scratcher that children can use to create out-of-this-world art and crafts.
    • Scratch the black sections on the card pages to reveal sparkles and rainbow colours.
    • This book is perfect for children who love space.
    • With fun activities and space-themed card press-outs to make and create!
  • First Spread of Space (9781789471731) Cover of Space (9781789471731)


    ISBN: 9781789471731
    US $16.99

    Scratch and Reveal Space is a fabulous craft kit that allows children to create their own scratch-and-sparkle stencil art. This title includes three stencils, eight scratch sheets, a wooden scratcher, and a 40-page activity book, making it easy to draw super space-filled scenes. The activity book features a simple introduction to stencil art, blank practice pages, and picture inspiration ideas. Children will love using the scratch sheets to see their pictures come to life in sparkles and rainbow colors. A STUNNING SPACE-THEMED CRAFT KIT FOR CREATIVE KIDS!

    • This exciting title enables children to create stunning scratch-off space-themed art.
    • The set includes three sheets of great stencils to easily create impressive artworks.
    • Use the stencils and scratch pages to reveal sparkles and rainbow colors.

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