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  • Spin and Play

    Spin and Play Counting Games

    ISBN: 9781786926166
    This innovative new games book allows you to share and play games wherever you go! Choose a game and then lay the book flat. Take counters from the front pocket and then spin the dice to play away! Includes five fun games, perfect for entertaining young children for hours!
  • I-can-count-to-100

    I Can Count to 100

    ISBN: 9781788437004
    Can you count to 100? Find out with this exciting new book, packed to the brim with things to find and count. From cakes to cats and birds to dinosaurs, counting has never been so fun!
  • I Can Count to 10 Dino Blue cover for web

    I Can Count to 10

    ISBN: 9781788436960
    A tactile new novelty book with ten fuzzy pom-poms cut all the way through the book from the back to the front cover. Inside, you will find various scenes with the pom-poms decorated as fun things to count, from bears to dinosaurs and more.
  • Busy Bees: Colours and Counting

    ISBN: 9781788436861
    This charming, tactile book is perfect for introducing young children to colours and numbers. With a simple counting rhyme, coloured felt areas on each page and Shannon Hays’ sweet illustrations, this book is sure to keep little ones engaged.
  • Write and Wipe ABC 123

    ISBN: 9781786929525
    Write and Wipe ABC 123 is a colourful board book packed with early learning writing activities for children. Help them develop pen control and learn to form letters and numbers with the help of the various guides inside. A perfect pre-school primer or aid.
  • Mr. Snail’s Counting Trails

    ISBN: 9781786929204
    Help the postman, Mr. Snail, deliver snail mail around the garden in this sweet board book all about numbers. Visit houses 1-10 by following the finger-trail paths, and recite the rhymes. There’s a flap at the end of each trail that reveals the house’s owner. With so much to look at, do and learn, this is sure to be a family favourite!
  • Five Little Ducks Spread 1 Five Little Ducks Cover

    Pop Out and Play: Five Little Ducks

    ISBN: 9781786929235
    Children will love to read and play with this beautiful, rhyming book. Bright illustrations of ducks and scenery will captivate their imagination and clever pop-out pieces will ensure that reading is a curious exploration and adventure.
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs

    ISBN: 9781785989070
    Introducing Five Little Speckled Frogs, an adorable counting-down book based on the beloved rhyme. Young children will love reading the sweet rhyme and counting down as the little speckled frogs disappear at the turn of each page. This tactile book offers plenty for young children to look at and explore, helping in their early learning!
  • Currently Unavailable Online
    123 Spread My Learning Library box

    My Learning Library

    ISBN: 9781786922816
    My Learning Library is a delightful collection of eight first-concept board books for young children. Stored within a sturdy carry case, these mini books are perfect for small hands to hold and explore. The gorgeous illustrations and bright design will engage young imaginations, while helping to promote observation skills, language skills, and a love of reading.
  • Five Big Trucks

    ISBN: 9781786923844
    Get ready to count down from five with this exciting new novelty format! Read along with the rhythmic text and learn more about the brightly-illustrated vehicles. Each one can be lifted out and played with, then returned to its page like a jigsaw piece. With this extra added element, children can use the book in multiple ways, making it perfect for story-time and playtime.
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    My Awesome 123 Jigsaw and Book Set

    ISBN: 9781785989841
    A fantastic jigsaw and book set for children to enjoy! My Awesome 1 2 3 introduces children to numbers and counting with sweet, simple search-and-find activities and Dawn Machell’s beautiful illustrations. The jigsaw allows children to have a tactile learning experience with their reading time.
  • Five Little Dinosaurs is a tactile board book featuring delightfully illustrated dinosaurs with soft silicone heads. A fun rhyme follows the adventures of the dinosaurs as they go exploring and counts down from five as, one by one, each dinosaur disappears. The book is part of a gorgeous new range of illustrated baby books and other materials from Make Believe Ideas. Each title features beautiful illustrations from French illustrator Véronique Petit.
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Petite Boutique: Counting

    ISBN: 9781786921147
    Counting 1 2 3 introduces the numbers from one to ten with charming number characters and a sweet rhyme. There are also sliding beads on every page as well as a large indented numeral, perfect for little fingers to trace. This book is part of a gorgeous new range of illustrated baby books and other materials from Make Believe Ideas. Each title features beautiful illustrations from French illustrator Véronique Petit.
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    My First 123 Colouring Book

    ISBN: 9781783932948
    Introducing a brilliant, educational colouring activity book! Bursting with bold, imaginative outlines for children to shade, My First 123 Colouring Book will allow crafty kids to get creative. Children will love learning to count whilst colouring in their numbers. This book gently supports children’s early learning, while they have fun being artistic!  
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Baby Town – My First 123

    ISBN: 9781785987106
    My First 123 is an adorable board book that introduces numbers 1-10 . Sweet illustrations and simple number labels are perfect for very young children.
  • Feel-and-Fit Roar

    ISBN: 9781785984303
    ROAR is an exciting board book with innovative feel-and-fit areas! Each colourful page features fun, 3-D areas that fit into one another, perfect for little hands to explore. Simple, rhyming text both entertains little ones and encourages them to count – helping children to learn the numbers 1–5!
  • My Awesome Counting

    ISBN: 9781785985089
    My Awesome Counting Book is a fantastic new way to introduce children to counting and numbers. Each page is filled with numbers, pictures and counting activities for children to complete. Clear labels and fun sentences accompany Dawn Machell’s cute illustrations, making this book perfect for adults and children to enjoy together. Each number is presented with a die-cut page in the shape of that number, so children can explore the figures with their hands!
  • Currently Unavailable Online

    Wipe-Clean Counting Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781783936618
    Help children learn to count with this exciting Wipe-clean Counting Activity Book. Packed full of fun number-themed activities to complete using a wipe-clean pen, this book provides plenty of practice in writing numerals and counting. Each page is also die-cut in the shape of a number, so children can explore the figures with their hands!