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  • This bumper activity book is perfect for little ones to complete. Each page is packed with themed activities, from dot-to-dots to number puzzles, and more. Included with each book are card press-outs to create and over 1,000 stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!

    • This activity books covers themed activities that are perfect for little ones to complete.
    • Children will love completing each page and learning a new skill.
    • With card press-outs to create and over 1,000 stickers!
  • First Spread of 123 (9781788436137) Cover of 123 (9781788436137)


    ISBN: 9781788436137
    US $8.99

    Trace and Lift 123 is an interactive introduction to numberst. Each page covers two numbers with finger-traces, simple labels, and a flap to lift. This book is from an innovative new learning range from Make Believe Ideas. Each title features sweet illustrations from Dawn Machell. With a wide range of formats and content covering first concepts and more, there is something for everyone.

    • This book includes indented finger-traces to allow children to feel the shape of each number.
    • Arrows instruct the child on the correct formation of the number shape.
    • Fun flaps and simple labels are combined with Dawn Machell’s sweet illustrations to create an introduction to numbers that is fun and interactive.
  • First Spread of Mega Dino File (9781786927705) Cover of Mega Dino File (9781786927705)

    Mega Dino File

    ISBN: 9781786927705
    US $16.99

    Learn about amazing dinosaurs in this Mega Dino File, packed full of fun facts, an awesome timeline poster and four awesome dinosaur models to construct. The dinosaur book is brimming with cool facts about dinosaurs and fossils. The bright photographs will delight children, and they will love using the 3-D models to bring the book to life! AN AWESOME ULTIMATE DINO FILE, PACKED WITH AMAZING FACTS, A POSTER AND FOUR COOL DINO MODELS!

    • A mega dinosaur activity file packed with plenty of fun activities to keep kids engaged and entertained.
    • Includes a cool, giant dinosaur poster children will love.
    • Four dinosaur models are included for added play value.
  • First Spread of First Dictionary (9781786922588) Cover of First Dictionary (9781786922588)

    First Dictionary

    ISBN: 9781786922588
    US $12.99

    This fabulous dictionary for young children is filled with Dawn Machell’s delightful illustrations. The simple easy-to-understand definitions are presented in A-to-Z order and are supported by the illustrations, ensuring young readers will find it both useful and engaging. A fun learning activity on each spread further encourages children to interact with the book. A BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED FIRST DICTIONARY WITH OVER 400 DEFINITIONS

    • A delightful first dictionary for young children.
    • It includes over 400 simple definitions in A-to-Z order.
    • There is also a fun learning activity on every spread.
  • Second spread of My First ABC Activity Book (9781785983498) Cover of My First ABC Activity Book (9781785983498)

    My First ABC Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781785983498
    US $6.99

    My First ABC Sticker Activity Book is a fabulous sticker activity book designed to introduce children to the alphabet! The book is packed full of fun coloring and sticker activities to complete, with bright illustrations to keep children entertained. There are also ABC erasers, and plenty of stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!

    • Fun ABC erasers are included for kids to use with their activity book.
    • Sticker activities develop hand-eye coordination.
    • Bright illustrations keep children engaged and entertained.
    • The book includes plenty of stickers to use in the book or anywhere else!
  • Learn on the Go Sticker Workbook

    ISBN: 9781783933082
    US $9.99

    The Learn on the Go Learning Set is an entertaining and informative new collection of educational materials that support school learning! Through a mixture of tracing, drawing, and sticker activities, the sticker book encourages children to learn first concepts.

    • Includes over 100 pages of educational activities and stickers!
    • The Sticker Workbook teaches children about first concepts with fun, bright sticker activities to keep them engaged!
    • Over 1000 stickers included!
    • An engaging mix of photography and illustration will entertain children.

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