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  • First Spread of The Naughty List (9781788439275) Cover of The Naughty List (9781788439275)

    The Naughty List

    ISBN: 9781788439275
    US $6.99

    A brand-new board book told in the form of a letter to Santa. The letter is written by a boy named Tom, who is trying to convince Santa to put him on the Nice List, even though his behaviour has been bad all year! Hear all about the things Tom has done, and the ways he tries to spin them to Santa. With childlike, humorous art that will have the whole family giggling this Christmas, this is a very naughty story for good boys and girls! A FESTIVE BOARD BOOK WITH A FUNNY TWIST ON THE CLASSIC LETTER-TO-SANTA THEME

    • A festive board book with a hilarious twist on the classic letter-to-Santa theme.
    • Lara Ede’s funny depictions of the main character’s misadventures offer parents and children lots to talk about and most importantly – laugh about!
    • With playful, rhyming text, perfect to read together at Christmas.
  • First Spread of Wish Upon a Rainbow (9781789470024) Cover of Wish Upon a Rainbow (9781789470024)

    Wish Upon a Rainbow

    ISBN: 9781789470024
    US $9.99

    A rainbow-themed board book that teaches colors in a fun and unique way. Each page or spread features a different color of the rainbow with a sweet rhyme, adorable illustrations, and touch and feel embellishments. A RAINBOW-THEMED BOARD BOOK WITH COLORFUL TOUCH-AND-FEEL THROUGHOUT

    • Perfect for pre-schoolers.
  • Rainbow Cover of Rainbow

    Rainbow, Rainbow, Colors Bright

    ISBN: 9781800580565
    US $9.99

    Sing along to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star as you explore the beautiful touch-and-feel rainbows in this book. Featuring artwork created by children during the COVID-19 quarantine, this book is designed to spread hope and joy! With sweet rhyming text and illustrations by Scott Barker, this book is perfect for helping children explore their feelings about quarantine.

    • A beautiful board book featuring artwork created by children during the COVID-19 quarantine.
    • Creative rainbow touches on every spread are sure to keep little ones engaged.
    • The rhyming text follows the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, encouraging little ones to join in!
  • First Spread of H is for Happy-saurus (9781788439794) Cover of H is for Happy-saurus (9781788439794)

    H is for Happy-saurus

    ISBN: 9781788439794
    US $9.99

    Turn the pages of this bold, glittery alphabet book to discuss what each dinosaur is doing and the emotions they feel. The perfect tool for exploring feelings with young readers and encouraging empathy. Little ones will love the awesome cover with glitter, foil, and a googly eye! A DINO-THEMED ALPHABET OF EMOTIONS WITH A SPARKLY, GOOGLY-EYE COVER

    • An ABC of feelings, featuring expressive dinosaur characters.
    • Read through this unique alphabet and discuss the dinosaurs’ emotions together.
    • Encourages emotional intelligence in a playful and accessible way.
    • With an eye-catching cover that is sure to stand off the shelf.
  • First Spread of Butt Out! (9781788439879) Cover of Butt Out! (9781788439879)

    Butt Out!

    ISBN: 9781788439879
    US $9.99

    Join in with the animal friends as they teach Hyena a lesson about butting out. Children will love squishing the butts of various wild animals throughout this hilarious board book. The squidgy butt-shaped touch is attached to the last page and die-cut through to the cover, so it’s visible on every spread! A SQUISHY TOUCH-AND-FEEL BUTT BOOK

    • A hilarious storybook featuring a squishy touch made to look like a butt.
    • Children will love reading the story, joining in the repeated refrain and laughing at the squishy butt.
    • Bold, bright, and a little bit cheeky!

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