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  • First Spread of Never Touch a Shark! Sticker Activity Book (9781789473902) Cover of Never Touch a Shark! Sticker Activity Book (9781789473902)

    Enter a sea-riously cool world full of your favorite 'Never Touch' characters. Sticker cool creatures, hunt for treasure and race through mazes in this jaw-some activity book. Each page is brought to life with bold illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. With over 200 big stickers and cool card press-outs to make and create, there are hours of fun to be had! A 'NEVER TOUCH' ACTIVITY BOOK, WITH OVER 200 STICKERS AND CARD PRESS-OUTS!

    • This fun shark-themed sticker activity book is perfect for little ones to complete!
    • Stuart Lynch's bold illustrations bring each page to life.
    • With card press-outs and over 200 big stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!
  • First Spread of Scratch and Sparkle Sharks Activity Book (9781789473919) Cover of Scratch and Sparkle Sharks Activity Book (9781789473919)

    Scratch and Sparkle Sharks Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781789473919
    US $6.99

    Dive into this jaw-some book packed with shark-themed activities. Search for sunken treasure, escape from a maze, and explore the unknown depths! At the back of the book you will find scratch and reveal card pages. Use the wooden scratcher to create glittering and multi-colored shark crafts, and then press out the shapes to make a sunken ship, swimming sharks, and much more! A SHARK-THEMED SCRATCH AND SPARKLE ACTIVITY BOOK, WITH A WOODEN SCRATCHER AND SCRATCH-AND-REVEAL CARD PAGES!

    • A fun scratch and sparkle sharks activity book with a scratcher that children can use to create shark-themed art and crafts.
    • Scratch the black sections on the card pages to reveal sparkles and rainbow colors.
    • This book is perfect for children who love sharks and underwater animals.
    • With fun activities and shark-themed card press-outs to make and create!

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