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  • First Spread of Super Cute Activity Book (9781789473940) Cover of Super Cute Activity Book (9781789473940)

    Super Cute Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781789473940
    US $9.99

    Come and meet the adorable characters and sweet friends in this super-cute activity book. From honeycomb mazes and pretty puzzles, to sweet scenes to search and pictures to color, there's something for everyone. At the back of the book there are cute card press-outs to make and create. With your very own 3-D felt stickers to use in the book or wherever you want! A SUPER-CUTE ACTIVITY BOOK WITH 3-D FELT STICKERS AND CARD PRESS-OUTS!

    • This super-cute activity book is filled with adorable characters and sweet activities.
    • Each page is packed with puzzles, mazes, or pictures to color.
    • With 20 pp card press-outs and 3-D felt stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!
  • First Spread of My Year in Kindergarten (9781789470758) Cover of My Year in Kindergarten (9781789470758)

    My Year in Kindergarten

    ISBN: 9781789470758
    US $7.99

    If your little one is just starting or finishing their year in kindergarten, then this is the perfect book for you! Each page includes simple activities that encourage your child to create an artistic, timeless record of their first year at school. From drawings to writing, fill-in activities and more, you will love the unique, treasured keepsake that your child creates. With stickers and card press-outs! A FILL-IN ACTIVITY BOOK THAT RECORDS A CHILD’S FIRST YEAR IN KINDERGARTEN, WITH STICKERS AND CARD PRESS-OUTS!

    • Children will create a unique record of their first year in kindergarten by completing the activities in this book.
    • Each activity is perfectly designed for interaction with a child who is just starting/has just completed their first year at school.
    • Simple text and bold colours encourage children to take ownership of their work and interact with the fun activities inside.
    • The unique plastic cover makes this eye-catching title the perfect keepsake to treasure.
  • First Spread of All About Me (9781789470765) Cover of All About Me (9781789470765)

    All About Me

    ISBN: 9781789470765
    US $7.99

    Introducing All About Me, a creative fill-in book for little hands just starting to doodle! This innovative book uses large, simple shapes and activities to encourage children’s creativity. The vibrant pages are packed with bold colors and simple text, prompting children to fill-in details about themselves in a fun, creative and engaging way. CREATIVE FIRST FILL-IN ACTIVITY BOOK FOR YOUNG CHILDREN, INCLUDING OVER 500 STICKERS!

    • The innovative plastic cover allows children to personalise the design of each book, making it uniquely theirs.
    • The bold illustrations and simple activities encourage creativity.
    • This title includes over 500 stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!
  • First Spread of Spooky Faces! (9781788438940) Cover of Spooky Faces! (9781788438940)

    Spooky Faces!

    ISBN: 9781788438940
    US $8.99

    Join the lonely pumpkin as he searches for friends on Halloween! Children will love pressing the button on every page to make the pumpkin light up. The nose is die-cut through the book, so each spread can be illuminated with the touch of a hand. It’s the perfect book to read together at Halloween! A HALLOWEEN-THEMED BOARD BOOK WITH A FLASHING LIGHT

    • Children will love pressing the button on each page to make the jack-o-lantern light up!
    • Simple rhyming text and a repeated refrain will encourage little ones to join in.
    • Adorable illustrations from Charly Lane will engage children as they read.
  • Mini Board Book Stack: Spring

    ISBN: 9781788435338
    US $4.99

    These spring-themed mini board books are perfect for exploring colors, numbers, and first words this Spring! Each book contains five spreads with bright illustrations and sweet, simple text. The shaped covers are decorated with a touch and the sturdy pages are easy for little hands to hold. SET OF THREE MINI BOARD BOOKS IN A HANDY FORMAT THAT WILL FIT PERFECTLY INTO ANY STORE DISPLAY

    • Three mini board books stacked on top of each other and shrink-wrapped with a header card.
    • Each title’s cover is die-cut around the main character and decorated with a touch or glitter to stand off the shelf.
    • The spreads inside show simple, seasonal scenes with spring-themed first words, colors, and counting.
  • First Spread of Five Little Pumpkins (9781786922168) Cover of Five Little Pumpkins (9781786922168)

    Five Little Pumpkins

    ISBN: 9781786922168
    US $8.99

    Five Little Pumpkins is a fun rhyming book with hilarious squishy pumpkins throughout! Young children will love reading the sweet rhyme and watching the pumpkins disappear at the turn of each page. This tactile book offers plenty for young children to look at and explore, helping with their early learning! SEASONAL COUNTING-DOWN BOOK WITH SILICONE PUMPKINS

    • Silicone pumpkins on each page are fun for little hands to explore.
    • Simple, rhyming text will engage young readers.
    • The counting-down rhyme teaches simple subtraction.
    • Sturdy board pages are easy for little hands to hold.
  • Sticker Dot to Dot

    ISBN: 9781785984839
    US $6.99

    My First Sticker Dot-to-Dot is a fabulous sticker activity book that’s perfect for little ones who are just starting to sticker! This innovative book uses dot-to-dots and large stickers to develop children’s pen control and hand-eye coordination. Each colorful page encourages children to complete the pictures and patterns by joining the dots and using the large stickers. Children can choose whatever color they like to complete each picture, giving them the freedom to be creative from a young age!

    • Dot-to-dots and sticker activities develop hand-eye coordination and pen control.
    • Over 500 large, colorful stickers allow children to finish the pictures in whatever colors they like.
    • The activities increase in difficulty as the book progresses, building little ones’ confidence.
  • Second spread of My First ABC Activity Book (9781785983498) Cover of My First ABC Activity Book (9781785983498)

    My First ABC Activity Book

    ISBN: 9781785983498
    US $6.99

    My First ABC Sticker Activity Book is a fabulous sticker activity book designed to introduce children to the alphabet! The book is packed full of fun coloring and sticker activities to complete, with bright illustrations to keep children entertained. There are also ABC erasers, and plenty of stickers to use in the book or wherever you want!

    • Fun ABC erasers are included for kids to use with their activity book.
    • Sticker activities develop hand-eye coordination.
    • Bright illustrations keep children engaged and entertained.
    • The book includes plenty of stickers to use in the book or anywhere else!
  • I Can Draw Bind Up

    ISBN: 9781783931248
    US $9.99

    Introducing My First I Can Draw. Kids will love following the simple steps to create beautiful drawings of animals, vehicles, and more! This book encourages creativity and develop hand-eye coordination. A must-have for budding artists!

    • Encourages creativity
    • Develops hand-eye coordination
    • Includes simple steps for children to follow
    • Makes drawing simple and fun

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