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  • First Spread of My Dazzling Dreams (9781789478129) Cover of My Dazzling Dreams (9781789478129)

    My Dazzling Dreams

    ISBN: 9781789478129
    US $9.99

    This sparkling folder opens up to reveal an "All About Me" book with a focus on dreams and wishes, and a special pad to plan and record your goals.

  • First Spread of Unicorn Universe (9781789470802) Cover of Unicorn Universe (9781789470802)

    Unicorn Universe

    ISBN: 9781789470802
    US $12.99

    Press the unicorn’s horn and watch it light up and sparkle. This fun book features a gorgeous unicorn with a light-up horn that will delight unicorn lovers both young and old. Inside the case-bound cover are lined pages with fun prompts to help you record all your magical hopes, dreams, and wishes! A FILL-IN BOOK WITH A LIGHT-UP UNICORN HORN!

    • Press the unicorn’s horn and watch it light up and flash!
    • Includes lined pages with writing prompts.
  • First Spread of My Dazzling Life (9781789470925) Cover of My Dazzling Life (9781789470925)

    My Dazzling Life

    ISBN: 9781789470925
    US $9.99

    With its sparkling cover, My Dazzling Life focuses on joy and positivity right from the start. This trifold includes fun fill-in pages that help you identify your strengths, interests, and life goals. Also included is a cute pad. This pocket-sized trifold is perfect for taking on the go. AN EYE-CATCHING TRIFOLD COVERED WITH SPARKLES AND GEMS

    • Introducing a sparkling new addition to MBI’s top-selling trifolds range.
    • Gems and holographic foil make this cover one of the most eye-catching yet.
    • The 48-page book is packed with fun fill-in pages.
  • First Spread of Dreams and Wishes (9781788436786) Cover of Dreams and Wishes (9781788436786)

    Dreams and Wishes

    ISBN: 9781788436786
    US $9.99

    Dreams and Wishes is a new journal with a sweet under-the-sea theme. On the cover, colourful narwhals and fish swim in a glittery ocean. Inside there’re 80 pages in which to explore your dreams and wishes. The pages are lined and feature sea-themed and dream-themed inspirational quotes. A BEAUTIFUL JOURNAL WITH GLITTERY SEA CREATURES SWIMMING IN A TRANSPARENT POUCH

    • Introducing a sweet under-the-sea themed journal.
    • Sea creatures swim in a glittery pouch on the cover.
    • Inside, there are lined pages with sea-themed inspirational quotes.
  • First Spread of Glow For It (9781788436281) Cover of Glow For It (9781788436281)

    Glow For It

    ISBN: 9781788436281
    US $10.99

    Glow for It! features a brilliant vinyl cover that appears to glow like a neon light wherever it’s been cut. This eye-catching and super-cheerful journal includes lined pages for easy writing. Colourful phrases provide inspiration on every spread. AN ALL-ABOUT-ME JOURNAL WITH A “GLOWING” NEON COVER

    • A fabulous vinyl cover that glows wherever it’s been cut to create the cover image.
    • Includes lined pages for journal writing, taking notes or whatever purpose you like.
    • Each page features a motivational quote to inspire young writers.
  • First Spread of I've Got the Write Idea Journal (9781788433624) Cover of I've Got the Write Idea Journal (9781788433624)

    I’ve Got the Write Idea Journal

    ISBN: 9781788433624
    US $12.99

    Express yourself with this interchangeable-letter journal. You can arrange the acetate letters on the cover to say whatever you like. Create fun messages for your family or positive affirmations for yourself. A FUN LIGHT BOX-LIKE JOURNAL WITH ACETATE-LETTERS FOR CREATING YOUR OWN COLOURFUL MESSAGES

    • Rearrange the acetate letters in the cover grooves to create your own messages.
    • Includes extra letters in a range of beautiful colours.
  • First Spread of Write Here Right Now (9781788433150) Cover of Write Here Right Now (9781788433150)

    Write Here Right Now

    ISBN: 9781788433150
    US $14.99

    Express yourself with this cool, retro-style cover. You can arrange the letters on the letter-board to say whatever you like. Then, when your mood changes, you can rearrange the letters to say something else. Have fun filling in the journal inside with more of your own thoughts and opinions. A FUN JOURNAL WITH A LETTER-BOARD COVER

    • Just like a retro letter board, this cool cover has hard plastic letters that can be inserted to create any message you like.
    • Inside, there is fun opinions journal with fill-in pages where readers can write and select answers that express their own thoughts and feelings.
  • First Spread of Love It! Trifold (9781788432467) Cover of Love It! Trifold (9781788432467)

    Love It! Trifold

    ISBN: 9781788432467
    US $9.99

    This new-format trifold will feature a gorgeous die-cut heart on the front cover. The wiro-bound book inside will include lots of fun activities that encourage children to consider and write about the many people, activities, and other things that bring them joy. Also included is a pretty notepad and a booklet packed with gorgeous colorful stickers. A FUN LOVE-THEMED TRIFOLD WITH A GORGEOUS HEART-SHAPED DIE CUT ON THE COVER!

    • Introducing a new-format trifold series from MBI.
    • The cover of Love It features a gorgeous heart-shaped die-cut.
    • The 48-page book is packed with fun activities relating to the things children love.
  • First Spread of Heart 2 Heart (9781786923417) Cover of Heart 2 Heart (9781786923417)

    Heart 2 Heart

    ISBN: 9781786923417
    US $12.99

    Heart 2 Heart is a book of two parts: half is an “all-about-me” book, and the other half is a “heart’s desire” journal. It also features a dazzling foil cover with a two-way sequined image that changes when the sequins are brushed the opposite direction. Open the book one way for surveys and fill-ins, then flip the book over to reveal a special journal for recording your hopes, dreams, and heart’s desires! A GORGEOUS TWEEN BOOK WITH A STUNNING TWO-WAY SEQUINNED COVER.

    • A dazzling two-way book and journal.
    • The bright foil cover features a large sequin image that changes when you brush over the sequins the opposite direction.
    • The journal is filled with quizzes, surveys, and fill-ins.
    • Flip the book over to discover your “heart’s desire” journal pages.
  • First Spread of Dear Santa (9781786924650) Cover of Dear Santa (9781786924650)

    Dear Santa

    ISBN: 9781786924650
    US $6.99

    When it comes to Christmas time, there’s nothing like writing and receiving hand written mail! Create your own with this beautifully-illustrated stationery set, packed with everything you need to send letters to your loved ones. THE PERFECT STATIONERY KIT FOR THE HOLIDAYS

    • Send Christmas letters and cards to Santa and your loved ones with this adorable stationery set.
    • Complete with everything you need, including stickers, envelopes, paper, and a pen.
    • Envelopes and paper come printed with sweet designs that children will love.
    • With artwork by popular commercial artist, Dawn Machell.

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