Interview with Potten End C of E Primary School, Berkhamsted.
By Alexandra Robinson

We recently received a very nice email from a local after-school club, asking whether some of their members could come and visit us at the Make Believe Ideas head office.

The club is called ‘Press Gang’ and they meet weekly at Potten End C of E Primary School in Berkhamsted. In their time together, the pupils write, design and create a school magazine, called ‘School’s Out’. We felt honoured to hear that they wanted to feature MBI in an interview for their December issue. After hearing their enthusiasm for writing and design, we didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes!’ to meeting them, as we love nothing more than talking about creating children’s books!

Potten End C of E Primary School Press Gang with Annie Simpson and Ellie Fahy

So, during a busy day of writing, editing and designing, some of the MBI staff team put down their pens and went to meet the young journalists, Saranya, Luke and Maddie, who came with their club leader Emma Baxter. Myself (Editorial Assistant), Annie Simpson (Art Director) and Ellie Fahy (Designer) met the children in our office reception area, and were greeted by three of the Press Gang, who held their clipboards in one hand, whilst eagerly shaking our hands with the other!

After introductions, we sat in our newly renovated, glittering boardroom and, one by one, the children asked thought provoking questions about the world of children’s publishing. In particular, they most wanted to know how a book develops from an idea to the final product we see on our bookshelves, as well as what the designers love most about their jobs. All three children were very keen to find out more about the creative process, and in their excitement often asked us things that they had not considered before.

Saranya, Luke and Maddie with their club leader, Emma-Baxter

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Press Gang and it was great to see how inspired they were by listening to our Art Director and Designer. The children at Potten End C of E Primary School work very hard to create their fantastic school magazine, and we definitely think there are some budding writers, editors, journalists and designers studying there! We can’t wait to see the interview and article that they produce, and in the meantime we wanted to share these photos from the day with you.

We look forward to hopefully meeting even more young people interested in Children’s Publishing in the future!

In the Make Believe Ideas Board Room