We have an exciting announcement to make! Earlier this month we discovered that our book ‘Never Touch a Monster’, written by Rosie Greening and illustrated by Stuart Lynch, has been shortlisted for the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Awards, in the Baby & Toddler category!

This monster-themed board book features bright, amusing illustrations created by Stuart Lynch, which are guaranteed to entertain young children! Alongside the humorous and enchanting rhyming text, each page features fun, silicone touches with different textures for little ones to enjoy. Adults and children alike will find themselves smiling along with the funny rhymes that warn of the dangers of touching a monster!

We can’t contain our excitement about being shortlisted for an award, and thought we would offer you an insight into the creation of this book, by revealing a short, exclusive interview with both the author and the illustrator.

Never Touch a Monster
Never Touch a Monster Author - Rosie Greening

Interview with Rosie Greening:

What inspired you most whilst writing this book?

The inspiration for the book came from the bumpy silicone we found for the touches, as it’s perfect for monster skin. From that, I got the idea of a touch-and-feel monster book that warns you not to touch the monsters inside!

Where do you find you work best when writing and creating stories?

I usually find it easiest to write somewhere quiet, especially if I’m writing rhymes. Strangely, I think I’m most creative when my desk is messy, but I might just be telling myself that . . .

Which is your favourite monster?

My favourite monster is the one who asks you round for tea. He has the best ears of any monster I’ve ever seen!

What would be your top tip for anyone meeting a monster?

Distract it with a big piece of cake, and then run as fast as you can!

Interview with Stuart Lynch

What was your inspiration for the monsters in this book?

I have drawn lots of monsters before for many design projects: kids pyjamas, birthday cards, toys and jigsaw puzzles… (and even underpants! I used to work for Primark – hence Monster pants!) The monsters for this book had to be quite chunky to fill the size of the page, and also to fit the touchy-feely bit. I wanted them to be big, bright and most of all fun (and not too scary!)

Where do you find you work best when creating new illustrations?

I work from home and my desk is by the window so I can see out into the garden. I live in Worthing, West Sussex and the beach is at the end of our road – unfortunately, the plug on my computer doesn’t stretch that far, but I make sure I get to the beach each day. A quick burst of fresh air always helps when I get stuck on a project, and there is always something to see down at the beach…

Which is your favourite monster?

I like the monster who is sticking his tongue out – he’s a bit cheeky! :)

What would be your top tip for how to draw your own monster?

Let you imagination go wild… your monster can look however you want it to look… draw lots and lots and don’t worry about making mistakes – sometimes mistakes are the best ideas you have all day!

Never Touch a Monster Illustrator - Stuart Lynch
The initial sketch for one of Stuart
The first digital stage of the monster
The completed monster!