Make Believe Ideas welcomes applications for work experience in our Editorial Department, and we pride ourselves in offering opportunities to anyone looking to start their career in publishing. For a little more insight into the work experience placements we offer, two recent candidates have written reviews of their time with us.

An insight from Megan Browne . . .

I came to MBI expecting a work experience placement much the same as others I’d encountered during my first steps into Children’s Publishing. How wrong I was!

Rather than a week of paper-shredding and tea-making, I found myself planning content and drafting page plans, sitting in on editorial meetings and getting a first-hand insight into the research projects driving MBI’s releases. I was reviewing draft copies of future projects, and then sharing my findings and opinions with the Editorial Team. The creative responsibilities MBI gave me were fantastic. I left feeling certain that I had actually helped the team. The placement was dynamic – my tasks changed each day! – and wonderfully well organised. There was a clear structure to the work I was given, and always a proper explanation as to where each job fitted into the wider mechanics of the company. I loved every second that I was there!

An insight from Abbie Wood . . .

I spent my time working with two editors, who were very quick to help me settle in, explain the way a publishing house works, and what would be expected of me.

They quickly got me started on editorial tasks. Because MBI has in-house authors, I got the chance to put together some books of my own, and even come up with some ideas for future books. I was taught the difference between writing a factual children’s book, and more fictional board, or picture books. On the other hand, I was also expected to be critical. The role of an editor is, of course, to edit the content that is being produced and published, and I found that I was given the opportunity to practice editing skills. Without question, this was what I enjoyed most about my time at MBI: the experience of writing, reading and editing the books that are being produced.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned from my time at MBI is that publishing (particularly children’s books), will be my future career. If you have ever considered publishing or writing as a possible career choice, or even have an interest and would like to explore the world of publishing further, I highly recommend doing work experience here!

Of course, thank you so much to everyone at Make Believe Ideas for being so welcoming and helpful during my entire time there. I cannot wait to continue my journey into publishing and children’s books and to return to such a creative and welcoming environment as Make Believe Ideas.

Apply for work experience with Make Believe Ideas

To apply for work experience at Make Believe Ideas, please email a copy of your CV and a cover letter, detailing the dates of your availability and outlining why you’d like to complete a placement here, to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Editorial Work Experience Application’.